Why Does a Carpet Get Dirty After Cleaning? 

Carpet cleaning is a very tedious task. Because of this, most homeowners choose to ignore it and hire a professional to do the job. However, a lot of people notice that carpets get dirty easily within several days of cleaning. Why does this happen? Shouldn’t the carpet stay clean for a long period?  


If your carpet gets dirty right after cleaning, chances are the cleaner didn’t follow the correct steps of cleaning. You might have to search Google for a new “carpet and fine rug cleaning near me” company.  

There are a lot of factors that can cause this problem. We’re here to help you. 

Excessive Water on Light Carpet 

You’ve probably noticed that all carpets have jute backside that reacts easily in water. In general, the color of the jute is brown. However, improper pressure of cleaning equipment and excess water usage can completely pale down the brightness.  

Because of this, it leaks into the fibers of your carpet. This affects the original look and color of your carpet. As a result, you’ve got to put in additional effort to get rid of the browning color.  

Rinsing Failure 

A couple of cleaners do not want to do the job with much focus. Because of this, they end up leaving behind sticky residue in the carpet piles. When this happens, your carpet will begin collecting dirt easily. This makes it soiled and dirty again soon. 

No Pre-Spraying of the Detergent 

There are a lot of carpet cleaners who directly pour detergent into the cleaning solution. However, this is not ideal. The reason for this is that it will leave a lot of detergent into the carpet once the process is done. Your carpet will become sticky. Over time, it will easily collect dander, dirt, and pollen. Because of this, your carpet will look dirty after several days of cleaning.  

If you’re going to hire a reliable carpet cleaner, they’ll pre-spray the detergent to make it effective without leaving any residue once the process is done. Aside from that, it offers some time for the detergent to deeply work into the carpet’s fibers for the removal of dust, grime, and soil.  

Using a Cleaning Solution with Carpet Steaming 

Not every detergent is the same. Some will not be very effective in getting rid of oily residues. A couple of low-quality detergents will only remove dirt. This usually results in the oiliness of the fibers of your carpet.  

You’ve got to ensure the carpet cleaner knows how to remove the oil from your carpet since it’s a sensitive material to clean. Else, dirt and soil will soon heap over the carpet again. Thus, a professional cleaner should have the right detergent when treating your carpet.  

Fail to Vacuum Before Cleaning the Carpet 

Vacuuming is the first step of carpet cleaning. This process will help loosen up the trapped particles. If these particles aren’t effectively removed, they will simply return deep into the carpet’s fibers. Thus, your carpet will look dirty again a couple of days after cleaning it.  

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